Goldendale Observatory State Park in Goldendale Washington
Goldendale Observatory State Park

goldendale observatory 

With the combined efforts of four astronomers the Goldendale Observatory was first home to the telescope created and built by McConnell, Marshall, Conner and VanderVelden who wanted a building to house their grand achievement.

The Goldendale Observatory was dedicated on October 13, 1973 and was owned by the City of Goldendale until in 1980 when the State Parks Commission purchased the site on which the observatory was located. The commission runs and operates the observatory and welcomes visitors year round with events and tours for every season.

The Goldendale Interpretive Center is located North of Goldendale and caters to the general public, classes and those far experienced in star navigation. In addition to the original telescope there have been other additions including a 24.5 inch one that is used in the evenings for public viewing sessions and a library full of star gazing information.

Steve Stout gives tours and information before every session and is very knowledgeable in astronomy. There are summer sessions just now getting started. Here are the schedules for the events:

Summer Afternoon Program
April - September
Wednesday through Sunday, 2PM - 5PM
Admission is free - Donations accepted

The afternoon sessions are held from 2:00 to 5:00 PM with solar viewing, observing Venus through the large telescope for much of the year and astronomy themed displays. An overview of the afternoon program is given below.

-2:00 PM - Doors open
-Welcome and Orientation
-History of Goldendale Observatory
-Introduction to Telescopes
-Prepare for Backyard Star Gazing
-Venus or bright star observation
-How to view the Sun safely
-Observe live image of the Sun
-Tour of Observatory's Sundials
-5:00 PM - Gates close


Summer Evening Program
April - September
Wednesday through Sunday, 8PM - Midnight
Admission is free - Donations accepted

 The Goldendale Observatory's Summer hours from April 1st to September 30th are Wednesday through Sunday. Evening sessions are held from 8:00 to Midnight. The evening session gives visitors a chance to view celestial objects through the eyepiece of some of the observatory's telescopes, including the 24.5 inch Cassegrain. An overview of the evening program is given below.

-8:00 PM - Doors open
-Welcome and Orientation
-History of Goldendale Observatory
-Introduction to Telescopes
-Prepare for Backyard Star Gazing
-Bright Star observation
-Moon and or Planet observation
-The Stars tonight
-Tour of the Constellations
-Nebula, star cluster, and galaxy observation
-Midnight - Gates close

We love this area and want our visitors as well as our residents to be well informed of their unique surroundings. If you have any questions about the Goldendale area please don't hesitate to contact us at or by the form below. We are experts in Goldendale WA homes and properties.


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