Goldendale Wa Real Estate

How First Impressions in Goldendale Real Estate can Make or Break a Sale

 Some sellers feel that if they can just get a buyer into the house, they can make a sale but so many buyers decide in 5 minutes from the online or print photo or goldendale wa homes for saledrive by if they want to see any more of the home. That's why the outside of the home needs to capture the attention of the buyer and draw them into see more.

Start off by stepping back from the home and just check out what you see with your eyes. You may have looked at the home so much over the years of ownership that you don't even notice what can jump out to potential buyers. Is the paint peeling? Does the trim need touching up? Could a new paint color on the front door draw the eye into the center of the picture?

These are just simple tips for the house itself but taking a closer look, is there something that is blocking any of the homes? Trim trees and shrubs that have overtaken the house or stairs. Make sure there are not vines trailing over windows or doors and keep a clear space between plants and the side of the house to prevent pests and mold from growing.

Once you have this taken care of, examine the landscape. Buyers don't want to see a lawn in desperate need of TLC. Make sure the lawn is bright green with no brown or yellow patches. Keep edges neatly trimmed and shrubs hedged cleanly.

When it comes to color, annuals make for quick splashes of brightness. Find a color that compliments your house color and stick to the one color. More of one color will make a more dramatic statement in photos as well as in person.

With these simple tips you can start to layout the landscape and curb appeal of the home to make buyers want to come inside and ultimately write an offer. Please contact us anytime for tips and selling strategies that can make your Goldendale real estate sell faster.